In the world of maternity and postpartum care there are controversial topics. One of them is using or not a postpartum tummy belt. Or, if you prefer, a postpartum girdle.

You may not know but using a belly bands for after birth has been a tradition in various cultures for thousands of years. But nowadays is more than this: is a way to get benefits from this technique.

Many celebrities like the Kardashians using postpartum belly wrap before and after their pregnancies. Why? To support their bellies during pregnancy and to get back into shape quickly. But if you still skeptical about them, I will show you in this article some benefits of using it.

The benefits of using a postpartum products

  • Wear belly band after birth helps with the posture and lower back pain. By adding support to the lower back and pelvic floor muscles, it helps to minimize lower back pain;
  • Confidence and self-esteem higher than never. Using postpartum wraps for stomach will help you to get your tummy back into its normal position. You will no longer feel like you look “pregnant forever”;

  • More comfort. You may not know, but wearing girdle for lower belly fat will be comfortable and will help you to feel that everything on point in your body.

Wearing a postpartum girdle can make you lose weight?

As I said before, there are many benefits by wearing postpartum products, and many women think that lose weight is one of them. But it’s a wrong idea. That kind of products will help you feeling more confident and comfortable, not in losing weight process. For that issue, you have to practice sports and eat well. So that’s why I recommend you to search a nutritionist.

Where I can buy postpartum products?

Finding baby products may be easy, but the maternity world is so extensive that there are other kind of products that mommies needs. Related to postpartum girdles, bands and belts, I recommend you to visit Simaslim site. There are many options, colors and prices to explore. You only have to see and choose what you pretend.