Being fashion during the winter may be a complicated mission, but not impossible. One of the many secrets of this is to pay attention to trends and online inspirations.

According to many fashion experts, one of the biggest trends of this season are the cozy plain skirts. But there are other kind of skirts that deserves our attention like the midi ones. About the patterns, there are many that are popular: snake print, leopard print and plaid. In terms of materials, the leather is the king of the trends, but there are others: the denim and knit are also hot this season.

While I was searching for new clothes to renew my wardrobe, I found Luvyle‘s online store. There everyone finds what they need at low prices. You don’t believe? I show you below some pretty examples.

The holiday season has passed but there are many clothes that you can use all year. One of them is the sequin skirts. Yes, they are very festive and exquisite, but you can perfectly use them to work. The key is to combine them with casual pieces like knit sweaters and sneakers.

The perfect length

As I said, the midi skirts are the election of many fashion bloggers and women worldwide, but there are other models that you can use. If you feel good about that, you can bet on mini skirts, they’re perfect to combine with over the knee boots.

I don’t like skirts, what I can wear?

Well, like everything in life, not everyone like skirts. In these cases, my suggestion is to buy cute casual dresses with the perfect fit for each type of body. They are also fashionable and good to match with everything, since ankle boots to over the knee boots.

Would you rather skirts or dresses?