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Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

Moda & Style

por Joana Freitas

Vencedoras do Passatempo Romwe

Hi my dear ladies!


First of all I would like to apologize for writing in English, but once this giveaway was International, I guess that makes sense to announce the results in English for everybody understand.

Now, after checking the entries, I can say who are the big two winners of this International Giveaway in colaboration with Romwe, so they are:

Miriam Fernandes

Verónica Caraça


Congratulations ladies! You will receive one email by Romwe's service to hit all details to receive your beautiful prize, so I hope you enjoy them :)

To all girls that unfortunately don't won on this time, don't lose hope! More International Giveaways are coming only for you, pay attention! :)

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